Valance winemaking is the expression of a special place. The grapes used are grown exclusively on the Valance hillside vineyard. It consists of 30 year old Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines that produce three to four barrels of Valance annually - about 75 to 90 cases.

The soil and climate create very small clusters of grapes that result in a perfect confluence of maturity and flavor. The balance and concentration of the grapes are well suited to a long fermentation and maceration cycle. This provides full integration of the fruit and tannins to create a powerful , elegant wine.

The wine is aged in French oak for 20 to 22 months. Valance's complex wine structure allows harmonious evolution in the bottle creating a wonderful bouquet on opening and a classic Cabernet finish.

Each Valance vintage has a minimum of 2 years of bottle aging before it is ready to be enjoyed. The 90 cases produced from the 2005 Valance Estate Wine are handcrafted from vine to bottle.